The technical company [M3+] Magoulas and Associates is located in Kythera Hellas and it is active in building private and public constructions since 2008. The company holds an office in Piraeus Athens. Constituted of well trained engineers provide full services for the construction, conservation and transfer of a building.

  • _Topography Services (Plot of Land_GPS)
  • _Architectural Studies
  • _Static Studies
  • _Engineering Studies
  • _Building Approvals
  • _Supervision of Private and Public Constactions
  • _Construction of Private and Public Constactions
  • _Management of Properties
  • _Engineer's Certificatesν

Ag. Anastasia_PotamosAg. Anastasia_Potamos
Hotel Unit_Ag. PelagiaHotel Unit_Ag. Pelagia
«Kamares» Bar- Restaurant_Livadi«Kamares» Bar- Restaurant_Livadi
«Fossa» 5 Houses_Chora«Fossa» 5 Houses_Chora
2 Houses_Chora2 Houses_Chora


Chora Kythira, 80100 Kythira, Hellas,
t. 2736031905, fax.2736031905
Redestou 163, 18546 Piraeus, Athens, Hellas,
t. 2104627763, fax. 2104627763




Nikolas Magoulas, m. 6937226905
Sotiris Magoulas, m. 6946084750

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