Vacation House_Manitochori

New Two-Storey Vacation House
Architectural Design

The design was based on the special way in which the architectural structures of Kythera are composed and structured, creating - through the prosthetic process - different quality spaces with a strong oncoplastic element. The idea of ​​arranging volumes with the prosthetic logic and the recognition of two main axes, the plot and the view to Chora, cohere to produce 4 volumes, which are rotated and placed in relation to both the customer's housing needs and the elements that dominate in the plot’s surrounding view. In this way every angle and recess create a variety of ways of the living experience.


Chora Kythira, 80100 Kythira, Hellas,
t. 2736031905, fax.2736031905
Redestou 163, 18546 Piraeus, Athens, Hellas,
t. 2104627763, fax. 2104627763




Nikolas Magoulas, m. 6937226905
Sotiris Magoulas, m. 6946084750

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